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Udaipur “Daawat Noo Madina” as said by Al-Muqaddas Syedna Taher Saifuddin Aqa, holds rich history in Fatemid Daawat.It has witnessed some of the most auspicious and remarkable moments of Daawat-e-Fatemi.It is the birth place of Dai-ul-ajal Syedna Ismail Badruddin Aqa.The city has also witnessed the visit of Syedna FeerKhan Shujauddin Aqa, Syedi AbdulQader Hakimuddin Maula and many Hudud Fozola of Daawat.Al Muqaddas Syedna Taher Saifuddin Aqa had also visited this city many times and stayed here for 3-3 months and bestowed mumineen with his Dua Mubarak, deedar and bayan.Azeem neymat of ashara mubarak was also given to Udaipur twice by Maulana Muqaddas.One most memorable event that held in Udaipur was ibtidaa of Maulana Mohammad Burhanuddin Aqa(TUS)’s taleem mubarak with Bismillah,when Maula was just 4years old, by Muqaddas Maula.The mazarat muqaddasaa of Syedi Khanjifeer Saheb(mukaser-ud-daawat) and Syedi Luqmanji Saheb(mazoon-ud-daawat) is there in Udaipur.The Khidmat offered by these two Hudud fozola is always treated as a example to teach mumineen, that how to do khidmat of Dai-uz-zamaan and kem Maula pad apna jaan ane maal see FIDA thawu joye.City also got the sharaf of First Milad Mubarak of Maula(TUS) after becoming Dai.

Due to some unusual circumstances, and antisocial elements mumineen of Udaipur went against Maula for sometime.But just because of Maula’a Karam and nazar the conditions are normal today and mumineen have again opt the path of fidaagiri and khidmat of Huzur-e-ala.There are 4 Masajid in the city,one madarsa which is undergoing renovation work these days, musafirkhana, and the construction work of Mawaid has also commenced with Raza mubarak of Maula(TUS),and one hospital named as Saifee-Burhani hospital.After the long period of 32 years of riots between two communities, Maula arrived Udaipur in 1998(1418H.) and bestowed the lost glory and barakat of the city as it was before the riots.That 18days trip of Maula is marked as a Tareekhi Safar in Huzur’s History and ofcourse in the History of Udaipur it will be written with golden words.Every door of success for mumineen was opened by Maula(TUS) during that safar and they are still opened and barakat numaya nazar aawej che mumineen ma.Hazaro gharo ane Dukaano aabad thayi gaya,jano aabad thayi gaya, saikro nee ginti ma je logo Maula see dur thayi gaya tha pacha Misaaq maa aawi gaya ane Maula pad fidaagiri na jazba ne zahir kidu.Now again 12years have past and Udaipur na mumineen ne paachi ghani besabri see intizari che ke Maula kiwaare tashreef lawse.

Khuda aap Maula nee umar-e-shareef ne taa roze qayamat daraaz ane daraaz karjo,ane Udaipur nee zameen ma aap Maula na qadam ne shitaab dikhawjo.AAMEEN!!